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While walking in New York City, I noticed a lot of people taking pictures with their selfie sticks.  I knew the selfie sticks helped to get that added extension from your hand in order to take perfect selfie pictures, especially when there's a group of people or a large background you want in the shot.  But I kept watching these people carry around these clumsy sticks and thought there had to be an easier way. And that's when it hit me. Why not make the stick - flat, a little shorter, and attach it to the back of the smartphone case. That way you could always have access to a selfie stick wherever and whenever you wanted, not just when you are on vacation or at a special event.  

George Podd

of the coveted IDSA Gold Medal Award.  So George was a natural choice to make my vision a reality.  We both agreed that the idea had real potential and began work right away.  We decided to call our new product - "SlimSelfie".  So for 9 months we bled, sweat and dreamt about SlimSelfie until we came up with a design that worked.  Like the name implies, it’s a thin, lightweight selfie stick that snaps on to the back of a specially equipped and protective smartphone case. But we didn't stop there. SlimSelfie also offers an optional battery pack that can snap on the back and double your battery charge. We are very proud of what we have developed in a few short months and hope that you will enjoy the product for many years to come.

George Youlios

So I immediately contacted my old buddy from college, George Podd.  You may recognize George from Shark Tank where he made a deal and successfully marketed his Power Decals invention.  George is a world class Industrial Designer from Purdue University, and past recipient

George Youlios

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